WINTER 2015...HIVER 2015

happy new year!

a new year begins. a new year where i like to stop and think before i do, where i like to find wisdom in things, in my surroundings, in books, learn from and listen to actions and reactions and cultivate this within myself. here are some sketchbook pages i did over the holdays. a winter landscape, a winter chicken and chicken wisdom:

In Potts "Chicken", she quotes that people in previous centuries delighted in the devotion of roosters and hens to their families and the ability of chickens to bond with other species. The Renaissance ornithologist, Ulisse Aldrovandi, wrote of a hen he raised “who would not go to sleep at night anywhere except near me and my books.” The eighteenth-century natural historian Gilbert White wrote of the affection he observed between a hen and a horse whose mutual loneliness brought themtogether. The hen would approach the horse “with notes of complacency, rubbing herself gently against his legs, while the horse would look down with satisfaction, and move with the greatest caution and circumspection, lest he should trample onhis diminutive companion.”

bonne année!

une nouvelle année commence. unenouvelleannéeoùj'aimearrêter et réflêchir avantque jefasse, où j'aime trouver la sagesse dans les choses, dans mon entourage, dans les livres, apprendre et écouter des actions et réactions et cela cultiver en moi-même. Voici quelques pages de carnet de croquis que j'ai fait pendant les fêtes. un paysage d'hiver, un poulet de l'hiver et la sagesse de poulet.