il y a quelque chose dans l'air ... est-ce ce vent doux? ou c'est les oies agités qui préparent pour leur voyage vers le sud ? ou c'est simplement le changement de saisons et de la prise de conscience que le temps passe ? "...aaaaah, septembre ...!"

there is something in the air ...  is it the cool breeze ? or the geese that are restless and preparing for the trip down south ? or is it just the change of seasons and the realization that  time  goes on ? "... aaaaah, september ... !"

er hangt iets in de lucht ... is 't de koele wind ? de ganzen die onrustig worden en zich voorbereiden op de tocht naar het zuiden ? of is 't gewoon een verandering van seizoenen en het besef dat de tijd gewoon zijn stille gangetje verder zet ? "... aaaaah, september...!"



summer is now in full swing and a fan is merrily humming in the background. at times, when the heat gets too overbearing, i stick my feet in a bucket of cold water. it keeps me focused on the project in front of me and from melting into the desk... that and a good upbeat tune ;)



a revisit to camilla engman's adorable dog, morran...

to a creative and inspirational week!


a day of sun, rain, clouds and blue sky, just a day of finally tackling those tasks that clutter my space and my mind, a day of quiet organization and re-charging...