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it's been a while that i've lost myself completely in nature. this weekend was just the right time to do just that. walk, observe and smell the woodsy, mushroomy aromas [with a hint of snow ?] while the hooting of geese, high up above, accompanied us ...

c'était depuis quelques temps que je me suis complètement perdu dans la nature. cette fin de semaine était juste le bon moment pour le faire. marcher, observer et sentir les arômes de bois et des champignons [avec un soupçon de neige?] tandis que le cri des oies, là-haut, nous a accompagnés ...



It was one of those fine October days
free from summer’s heat and haze
but not yet gripped by autumn chill.

when the sky’s so clear
you can see the moon 
through the atmosphere
at midday.

It was one of those fine October days
when the trees sport yellow and red 
instead of everyday summer green.

It was one of those fine October days
when one draws a deep breath 
and is grateful
to be resident on Earth.          -Richard Greene


after the heavy rains of last week, the tiny basil sprouts rear their little heads, the morning glory is itching to find something to climb on and the small tomato plants try to soak up as much sun as they can muster. could it be that i find grace in these little creatures ? something endless, silent, inspirational and powerful ?

after my first failed attempt to grow a balcony vegetable garden i am trying for success this time. maybe with a mini bit more wisdom and knowledge of my previous failures. and here is a


for those who are aiming for that ultimate urban balcony agricultural experience....

wishing you an inspirational week!


sometimes, in unusual places, one finds inspiration and beauty. and today i discovered it while walking through the isles of the fruit- and vegetable store. while shopping, i saw an unusual, rather brittle flower-like looking item. esthetically, it looked so pleasing with its yellow-green paper husk decorated with purple black veins. the name majan husk tomatoe referred to a certain time and history...

i bought it just for its beauty regardless of the taste [but i might add it to tomorrow's salad!]
parfois, dans les lieux insolites, on trouve l'inspiration et la beauté. et aujourd'hui, je l'ai découvert en se promenant dans les allées du magasin des fruits et légumes: un objet plutôt fragile comme une fleur. esthétiquement, il avait l'air si agréable avec son enveloppe de papier jaune-vert décoré avec des veines pourpre-noires. une tomate maja qui parle d'une certaine temps et histoire... je l'ai acheté juste pour sa beauté quelle que soit son goût. [mais je pourrais l'ajouter à la salade de demain!]


i noticed when i moved into this new apartment that next door a family of blackbirds had started a noisy little family. every morning both parents were fierce to chase off any cat, human or the occasional squirrel, just to feed their young. and this morning one of their children fell out of its nest, unable to fly yet, helpless. in the past i have taken care of one of these tiny creatures, carrying him everywhere i went and feeding him with a syringe [without the needle] a mixture of salamander insect food. i hope this bird will still be accepted by its parents and be saved...