in a small village surrounded by blue mountains, somewhere in the laurentians, on sunday, june 27th 2010 as the sun was slowly going down at around 7 pm, an arduous birth was over. k was born !

i am relieved.

this opens the way to the many other projects that are pressing. i will keep you posted.



in the last week, the snow completely melted, the first geese settled in the meadows, a mosquito tried out my blood, a family of wild turkeys with young on a walk and temperatures hovered around 27c [!] ... all that beginning april in quebec !
what a luxury to be able to eat under the trees at easter and soak up some long-awaited sun rays ... heaven!
the bird I've been working on also went through a colorful metamorphosis... painting and experimenting with fabrics...


a few years ago we visited the naturkundemuseum in berlin where i took numerous photographs of animals, fossils, plants, minerals and curiosities. one of the images i found again a few days ago, is a red bird. closely examined, one can see all the blood vessels that make up the actual shape of the bird. the reason i post this image here, is that i am trying to figure out how i can balance the bird i am working on, make it stand and really balance itself on these comparatively skinny legs. i guess the question is finding a central weight that doesn't make the bird topple over...
with a lot of patience, concentration and some frustration i hope to find its center of gravity...


this week has been a hectic one. but as little time as i have,

i try to work late evenings on creative projects and with some
luck, i hope to show real progress by the end of march.

-at least show character in the bird and not just his
mummified self
-and finish the first double page of the children's book
project 'les enfants disparus' [which is well under way...]

have a good weekend and enjoy the first balmy spring signs...
[at least here in montreal] ;D xo


i found these wonderful old stories from my childhood and a book about old children's book covers. it's amazing how much stuff one accumulates and so little of it really is ever looked at. is it a question of organization ? or is it a lack of time and a sense of peace ? i am not quite sure. for the next little while i'll be facing all my stuff, hopefully it all will find a neat place within a box. i've only started this process and haven't even looked at the heaps of clothes, fabrics, bits and pieces and stuff[!] that is safely hidden behind those doors...

apart from packing, i am still working on the commissioned bird, but nothing of note to mention as of yet. i hope to post some of my progress next week and then there is the collaboration of a new book "les enfants disparus" with catherine latteux, sketches are ready, paper size and layout too.... now it's a question of time and focus... wish you a wonderful weekend! ;D suana


another project found its way on my table! this time i'll be working with lots of color and what better way to beat the winter dreariness than to look and work with splashes of vivid wool and yarns ? i also hope to be felting some old sweaters this weekend ...