and the rain is pounding on the pavement, I must admit, that I also, feel that we'll soon be pulling our hats, scarfs and fat coats on. yes, fall is here and some announce ... snow!!

for a little while now, I have been neglecting this blog either i had little to share or was to busy and hope to get back into the routine of regular posting.
since end august, i've been working on a children's book project which i hope to post about a little later on, and soon will start on a new project with the same publisher. the project of
...  has been collecting dust for a while now and also that will have to be finalized. we're still waiting for answers from the right publisher for les enfants disparus and i'll be participating in a new exhibition of a book of death in new hampshire and one in new york + a very new collaboration with anne-gaelle balpe [but more about that later].
have an excellent weekend everyone!
* this mask is one out of 25 heads/self portraits
i completed in 1990, "transformation", my first solo exhibit