wow! 3x3, the magazine for contemporary illustration, professional show winners no.13, granted my three book illustrations and the full cover for the book war horse by michael morpurgo an "honorable mention"  [for the category professional show, unpublished]  ! T H A N K you to the judges and 3x3 !!

the cover of the book illustrates the blood-stained episode of world war I and the terrified war horse with gas mask...

three different emotional scenes from three chapters from the book war horse written by michael morpurgo...

ill.1 :
[love/admiration boy for horse] : "... two heads appeared at my door. One was that of a young boy who looked at me for a long time, considering me carefully before his face broke into a beaming smile."

ill.2 :
[shame/guild/sadness old farmer] : "...'you'll look after him,sir ?' he said. 'you'll see he comes to no harm ? my son's very fond of him you see.'..."

[loss of hope and will to live/devastation, soldier and horse] : "if i have to die out here away from my home," friedrich confided to topthorn one day, "i would rather die alongside you. but i'll do my best to see to it that we all get through and get back home -- that much i promise you." [friedrich tries to pull joey away, yelling at him, but joey is too transfixed by topthorn's death, and upon trying to escape by himself, friedrich is struck by a shell and dies beside topthorn.]