every day


The leaves are falling, falling as if from far up, as if orchards were dying high in space.

Each leaf falls as if it were motioning "no."

And tonight the heavy earth is falling away from all other stars in the loneliness.

We're all falling. This hand here is falling. And look at the other one. It's in them all.

And yet there is Someone, whose hands infinitely calm, holding up all this falling.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke


good advice and inspiration:

"Dear Stephen, The best advice I could possibly give you, and forgive me if this seems glib, is to work. Work. Work. Work. Every day. At the same time every day. For as long as you can take it every day, work, work, work. Understand? Talent is for shit. I've taught school for nearly thirty years and never met a student who did not have some talent. It is as common as house dust or kudzu vine in Alabama and is just about as valuable. Nothing is as valuable as the habit of work, and work has to become a habit. This I learned from Flannery O'Connor. Read her. Read her letters especially, and her essays. You will learn more about what it is you want to do from people like her and Ben Shahn and Eudora Welty than you will ever learn from drawing classes. Read. Read. Read. You are in the business of words more than pictures. You must understand words and the craft and art of putting words together to move men's souls and minds and hearts. Listen to music. Listen to Bach's Art of the Fugue and the Goldberg Variations over and over and over. Every day, day after day after day until you begin to sense, if not understand, what he is up to. Then try to implement what you intuit from Bach into your own work. I don't care if you don't like classical music. Do it. It is invaluable, but you have to listen, and then don't listen. Let it fill your mind at one moment and then let it flow over you and into you until you are paying it no attention whatever. Bach will teach you form and structure and rhythm and all sorts of things you never imagined. Second to the value of work is the willingness to fail. Faulkner said that to not fail is to be perfect and that if we ever did anything perfect nothing would remain but to cut the throat. Experiment and fail. Move on. Experiment and fail. Move on. Always keep in motion and finish the job even if it is not exactly what you hoped it would be, is not as good as it could be. It will never be as good as it could be. But each time you must try to make it as good as it could be. Its shortcomings will reveal themselves in time, sometimes to your embarrassment, but that's ok. It's part of the growth process. Failure is the foundation of growth. I've done over 200 books and not one of them is perfect. But.I would rather have the 200 imperfect books that comprise my history and mark the vectors of my path through my art form than to have one perfect book which would comprise nothing but its own perfect self and denote no vectors of a life lived, and an art form struggled with and occasionally, very occasionally, bested. More I cannot advise you except (as corny and prosaic as it may seem) put love first in your life, love of yourself and your work and of other people, and of whatever things of the spirit move and motivate you, and to have fun and maintain a fierce sense of humor. There is nothing so serious or important that it can't be laughed at, or even poked a little fun at. Practice safe sex. Don't do heavy drugs. Don't get drunk and drive a car. Eat your greens. Get plenty of sleep. ...my very best wishes. Thank you ladies and gentlemen. " -Barry Moser



i am looking back at sketchbooks from previous years and the challenge i set myself to do, seems daunting. 30 minutes, one sketch, one page. with some trepidation, i take out my watercolors, brushes, water, pencils and a new sketchbook, i set my timer... 30 minutes ... as i am concentrating and afraid of the ticking clock, i am suprised at the slow progress of time and the speed of my actions: head, hand, page, head, hand, page ...i don't know where this will lead to, but i intend to make this a daily date with myself ... see you with my progress at the end of august and wishing you a happy summer! xS.  

je suis en train de regarder dans mes carnets des années précédentes et le défi que j'ai fait avec moi-même, semble énorme. 30 Minutes, un croquis, une seule page. avec une certaine appréhension, je sors mes aquarelles, brosses, de l'eau, des crayons et un nouveau croquis, j'ai réglé ma minuterie ... 30 Minutes ... comme je me concentre et ai de peur du temps en plus, je suis surpris par la lenteur des progrès de temps et la vitesse de mes actions: la tête, de la main, page, tête, main, page ... je ne sais pas où cela me mènerai, mais j'ai l'intention d'avoir un rendez-vous quotidien avec moi-même  ...  à la fin du mois d'août avec mon progrès et je vous souhaite un très bel été! xS.



i am very happy to announce that yesterday, the official launch of the event "A L'AFFICHE! DES MOTS, DES EMOTIONS ET DES LETTRES " took place [at the frontenac library].  this event was designed to facilitate the learning of French and to promote literacy. it was a tremendous experience for me to work with such an inquisitive, enthousiastic and studious group of students of african- and south american origin, with their teachers and with the two passionate guiding forces, assistant-librarian catherine gagné and youth-animator fabienne gagnon who initiated this literacy project. the project had many facets, many faces, and as i try to sum up all the effort that went into this initiative, i feel that showing a few illustrations or sketches would not suffice.  apart from showing the official poster here, i am working on a  virtual exhibition space... this collection of work will grow steadily over the next month where i will be adding new work [image, illustration, sketch, photo...] very regularly. hope you'll come and visit!

je suis très heureux d'annoncer que, hier, le lancement officiel de l'événement "A L'AFFICHE! EMOTIONS DES MOTS DES ET DES LETTRES" a eu lieu [à la bibliothèque de frontenac]. cet événement a été conçu pour faciliter l'apprentissage du français et de promouvoir l'alphabétisation. c'etait une expérience formidable pour moi de travailler avec un groupe d'etudiants si curieux, enthousiaste et studieux, avec leurs enseignants et avec les deux forces directrices passionnés, assistante-bibliothécaire Catherine Gagné et animatrice-jeunesse Fabienne Gagnon qui étaient l'initiative de ce projet d'alphabétisation. ce projet a de nombreuses facettes, de nombreux visages, et  j'essaie de résumer tout l'effort artistique qui est entré dans cette initiative. je pense qu'en montrant quelques illustrations ou esquisses ne suffirait pas.  je travaille sur un espace d'exposition virtuel. cette collection de travail devrait croître régulièrement au cours d'un mois où je vais ajouter le travail [image, illustration, croquis, photo ...] très régulièrement. j'espère que vous venez visiter!



il y a quelque chose dans l'air ... est-ce ce vent doux? ou c'est les oies agités qui préparent pour leur voyage vers le sud ? ou c'est simplement le changement de saisons et de la prise de conscience que le temps passe ? "...aaaaah, septembre ...!"

there is something in the air ...  is it the cool breeze ? or the geese that are restless and preparing for the trip down south ? or is it just the change of seasons and the realization that  time  goes on ? "... aaaaah, september ... !"

er hangt iets in de lucht ... is 't de koele wind ? de ganzen die onrustig worden en zich voorbereiden op de tocht naar het zuiden ? of is 't gewoon een verandering van seizoenen en het besef dat de tijd gewoon zijn stille gangetje verder zet ? "... aaaaah, september...!"



i have to admit that for a while now, I haven't had much of an inclination nor the energy to post on the blog or for that matter online - perhaps i can compare my present state to a sprout, sprouting, privately nourishing and fostering the energy within.

here's june's observations ...

je dois avouer que pour un certain temps déjà, je n'ai pas eu beaucoup d'inclination ni l'énergie de poster sur le blog ou d'ailleurs en ligne - peut-être que je peux comparer cet état actuel avec une pousse, pousser, nourrisser et favoriser l'énergie dedans en privé.

voici les observations du mois de juin ...