perhaps today is the first day where i felt that spring made a grand entrance in montreal. warmer temperatures. color.  the buds are popping open. the purples, pinks and whites of hyacinths and crocuses, the little yellow suns of colts foot flowers and forsythia are brightening up the neighbourhood!

this saison gives me inspiration, a different energy [which was somewhat dormant during the previous white on.]

it is also a time where i like to share some very exiting new developments around my two latest books: la première minute de mathieuwhich is part of the preliminary list of the prix jeunesse des libraires du québec of 2014 and razia's ray of hope which has received the 2014 united states board on books for young people (USBBY) outstanding international book honor list, it has been included in the 2014 edition of best books of the year for children and young adults, selected by bank street college's children's book committee, the book was also included on the "CCBC choices 2014," the annual best-of-the-year list of the cooperative children's book center (CCBC), it was selected for the social justice literature award, and very recently razia's ray of hope has been named an honor book by the 2014 jane addams children’s book award in the books for younger readers category. 


and here are a several images of art classes for children i did, losely inspired by picasso and the cut-outs of matisse: happy mother's day!