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here at the blog, things seem to be absolutely quiet...
so i thought to pop by...

during the x-mas vacation, i did some sketching on one of the projects that has to be finished by spring. once back in the studio, i translated sketches onto a large format, un-crusted some of the dried paint bottles ;],
steadied the easel and...
well yes, things are progressing steadily...
until later xo s.

ici, sur le blogue ça a eu l'air un peu trop silencieux...
bon, c'était le temps de me montrer...

pendant mes vacances, j'avais fait des esquisses sur un de mes projets [date de finition printemps]. à l'atelier, j'avais traduit des esquisses en grands formats, mélangé mes peintures et ... parti!
à plus tard, xo s. [voilà quelques détails du travail...]


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and the rain is pounding on the pavement, I must admit, that I also, feel that we'll soon be pulling our hats, scarfs and fat coats on. yes, fall is here and some announce ... snow!!

for a little while now, I have been neglecting this blog either i had little to share or was to busy and hope to get back into the routine of regular posting.
since end august, i've been working on a children's book project which i hope to post about a little later on, and soon will start on a new project with the same publisher. the project of monsieur grands-mots has been collecting dust for a while now and also that will have to be finalized. we're still waiting for answers from the right publisher for les enfants disparus and i'll be participating in a new exhibition of a book of death in new hampshire and one in new york + a very new collaboration with anne-gaelle balpe [but more about that later].

have an excellent weekend everyone!

* this mask is one out of 25 heads/self portraits
i completed in 1990, "transformation", my first solo exhibit


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after some time testing the colors and making a decision on the size to keep sending somewhat to a minimum, i finally saw the results of the prints for 'les enfants disparus' this morning. i couldn't hold back from making a few dummies to not only see but also feel the actual book, albeit at 75%...

and then..... it is holiday time !
see you all back in august. xo


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the temperatures here in montreal are stifling: inside 32ºc, outside on the balcony the thermometer is hovering around 38ºc - !

despite the hot and humid days here, the illustration work for "les enfants disparus" is steadily progressing. here is the first double page for the project. i am working on another double page i hope to complete this week.
i'll keep you posted!


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an image by a photographer, who i don't know the name of, seems to be very appropriate for my present state, except, that the person in this photograph is still and looking at the viewer — more appropriate for what i am going through these days would be a person running — new job, getting used to different tasks, preparing for the roundtable discussion tomorrow at blue metropolis [a first time for me + en français!] and getting ready for my move.

wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! xo


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i found these wonderful old stories from my childhood and a book about old children's book covers. it's amazing how much stuff one accumulates and so little of it really is ever looked at. is it a question of organization ? or is it a lack of time and a sense of peace ? i am not quite sure. for the next little while i'll be facing all my stuff, hopefully it all will find a neat place within a box. i've only started this process and haven't even looked at the heaps of clothes, fabrics, bits and pieces and stuff[!] that is safely hidden behind those doors...

apart from packing, i am still working on the commissioned bird, but nothing of note to mention as of yet. i hope to post some of my progress next week and then there is the collaboration of a new book "les enfants disparus" with catherine latteux, sketches are ready, paper size and layout too.... now it's a question of time and focus... wish you a wonderful weekend! ;D suana