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early this morning, while watering my vegetable [balcony] garden, i was greeted by a most electrifying heavenly blue Ipomoea violacea, commonly known as morning glory.

what more does one need but nature's glory as inspiration ? this blue seems otherworldly or of a spiritual nature, it makes me calm and introspective, it seems complete and this makes me content.

wishing you an inspirational week! xx


Added on by suana verelst.

i've been stuck with a nasty flu for a whole week, and still not over it. in the meantime, i am trying to do something to inspire me, to approach my so-called color scheme somewhat differently, to play with color, texture and color combinations. here is one of the photo cutouts i assembled from blues to reds to greens. but what would happen if i cut out each individual square and threw it haphazardly on the page, would i come up with new and interesting combinations ? and what did you come up with ?

malade avec une mauvaise rhûme pendant une semaine et c'est pas encore fini...
entre-temps, j'essaye de trouver une manière de ré-organiser mes idées de mes couleurs préférées, mes combinaisons préférées, un jeu de la couleur et de la texture qui peut me donner de l'inspiration. voici une image des découpages de la photo assemblés de bleu à rouge à vert. si je coupe chaque carré individuelle, est-ce que je découvre des combinaisons intéressantes ? et qu'avez-vous trouvé ?