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i found these wonderful old stories from my childhood and a book about old children's book covers. it's amazing how much stuff one accumulates and so little of it really is ever looked at. is it a question of organization ? or is it a lack of time and a sense of peace ? i am not quite sure. for the next little while i'll be facing all my stuff, hopefully it all will find a neat place within a box. i've only started this process and haven't even looked at the heaps of clothes, fabrics, bits and pieces and stuff[!] that is safely hidden behind those doors...

apart from packing, i am still working on the commissioned bird, but nothing of note to mention as of yet. i hope to post some of my progress next week and then there is the collaboration of a new book "les enfants disparus" with catherine latteux, sketches are ready, paper size and layout too.... now it's a question of time and focus... wish you a wonderful weekend! ;D suana